Human Resources Policies

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seguranca-trabalho-somaparHealth and Safety for employees and their families
CIPA, doctor, worker safety and health advice, a service provider with ERPP (Environmental Risk Prevention Program). Safety Technicians at Work, daily delivery of individual protection equipment. Lectures with themes about quality of life, smoking, first aid, and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
With Hospital, with affordable prices for medical consultations, promotional and discounted prices for exams. dental and laboratory agreement, through the hospital; Agreement with three pharmacy networks. Employees Association.

Convênios-somaparContinuing Education Program in Health
Periodically, the company seeks to hold lectures on various topics such as: Quality of Life, Family, Food, Health, Education, and others as needed.
funcionario-destaque-somaparTribute to employee Boss and Employee Standard
O Funcionário Padrão e Funcionária Padrão é uma premiação realizada anualmente por eleição dos próprios funcionários da empresa. Após, são homenageados no Jantar do Dia do Trabalhador, recebem uma medalha e um valor em dinheiro.


Festivals and Commemorative Dates
To promote the integration of employees, the company promotes events on holidays such as Christmas, Labour Day, Children’s Day, offering lunch, games, contests, gifts, cash prizes, bicycles, etc., for employees and their families. also commemorates women’s day, mothers day, fathers day, official birthday, to honor these people by special pass your day.
For visits and donations to charities
Periodically, an internal campaign is held to collect donations (food, clothing, footwear and others) and the company’s team takes donations asylum and spends the afternoon with the elderly;


Operational training:
It is the internal or external training conducted for recycling and learning new techniques specific position, according to the skills required in the job descriptions or that affect the activities carried out to ensure the quality of the final product.

The Somapar has a communication system that has the main objective to communicate your goals and decisions through daily, weekly and biweekly meetings. Another vehicle of communication that allows freedom of speech to address any issues with supervisors, managers and directors is the suggestion box.

5s program

The 5s is one of the tools that helps us to create a culture of discipline, identify problems and generate opportunities for improvement. The purpose of the 5s aims to improve the working environment, accident prevention, will encourage creativity, cost savings, eliminating waste and improving the quality of products and services.


The SIPAT search through lectures, contests, raffles and motivational activities, develop awareness and guidance to workers on the importance of prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

 Programa Qualidade de Vida

Help identify potential health risks through diagnostics, development talks about the health risks, healthy habits, financial management, among others. We seek the encouragement of employees to change their lifestyle through exercise, good nutrition and health monitoring.