Plywood with high durability for the concrete block and pavers industry.
Indicated for Concrete Manufactures Industry (block/pavers and flooring).


The SOMABLOC panel isa marineplywood (phenolic glue WBP). Produced with natural resources renewable (veneers obtained by a sustainable source of reforestation and/orforestmanagement). This way, the SOMAPAR clients buying our products, are contributing to sustainable development and preservation of environment.


Wood pallets multi laminated for machine utilizationvibro-press of block fabrication, pavers and concrete flooring.


• Excellentcost-benefit, pallet higher stability, surface calibrated and impregnated with 220gr/m2 of liquid resin, bigger glue resistance;
• Reduction on maintenance costs on the vibro-press;
• Less variation on swelling and contraction index, reducing the number of blocks scratches and ruptures during the drying process;
• Powerful reduction on possible warps and torsions when compared to other products existing in the market;
• High capacity on deadening excess of the machine pressure;
• Parts provided in the exact measures ready to use;
• Our product guarantees uniformity in the blocks and pavers dimensions produced;
• High efficiency


• Delamination ofvenners;
• Bubles in the face,caused by brain failure;
• Product out of quality specified in the order;
• Dimensional out of the tolerances stipulated by PNQM


• ISO 9001:2008 (Internacional Standard Organization) • PNQM (Programa Nacional da Qualidade da Madeira) • CE Marking (Certificado exigido pela Comunidade Européia) • SESI (Prêmio SESI Qualidade de Vida no Trabalho)


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