Special Vaccum treated plywood (CCA) coated with waterproof fhenolic film application.

Suitable for flooring and coatings to: trucks ,motor homes, marines among others.Can also be used as Basis for Roll-up doors.


SOMABUS Panel is a marine plywood, glued with phenolic WBP resin, produced with renewable natural and reforestments forests´s sources. Therefore, SOMAPAR´s customers, when buying its products are contributing to develop sustaintability of forest resources and to the preservation of the enviroment.


• O painel SOMABUS tem como principal diferencial o tratamento em auto clave,e o revestimento com filme fenólico nas duas faces. Face interior antiderrapante, Face exterior Lisa;
• Material without porosite wich improves glue line resistence;
• Improves the look of the finish on the road bus trunk;
• No nedd to paint the back side of the panel;
• Reduces the surface absorption, can be daily washed, prevents fouling and facilitates cleaning;


• ISO 9001:2008 (Internacional Standard Organization)
• PNQM (Programa Nacional da Qualidade da Madeira)
• CE Marking (Certificado exigido pela Comunidade Européia)
• SESI (Prêmio SESI Qualidade de Vida no Trabalho)


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