Plywood with high durabilityvacuum treated for Cargo transport industry, people transport vehicle and nautical.
Indicated for flooring and covering.


The SOMATRATADO panel is a marine plywood (phenolic glue WBP), produced with natural resources renewable (veneers obtained by a sustainable source of reforestation and/or forest management). Vacuum treated against wood biodegraded agents (agents xylophages) such as: termites, fungus, rot. This way, the SOMAPAR clients buying our products, are contributing to sustainable development and preservation of environment.


Plywood utilized as flooring and covering for buses, trains, subway, tow trucks, semi, vans, motor-home, etc.. Utilized as walls, linings and wooden floor.


• The Soma Tratado panel presents high durability when exposed to extreme weather conditions or in proper situations to the wood biodegradation;
• The preserver soaked does not modify significantly the product physical and mechanical properties;
• Presents low maintenance, providing significant economy aiming high product durability and stability.


• ISO 9001:2008 (Internacional Standard Organization)
• PNQM (Programa Nacional da Qualidade da Madeira)
• CE Marking (Certificado exigido pela Comunidade Européia)
• SESI (Prêmio SESI Qualidade de Vida no Trabalho)


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