Plywood with waterproof wire mesh/smoth film.
Indicated for Cargo transport industry.


The SOMATRUCK panel is a marine plywood (phenolic glue WBP), produced with natural resources renewable (veneers obtained by a sustainable source of reforestation and/or forest management). This way, the SOMAPAR clients buying our products, are contributing to sustainable development and preservation of environment.


Covering and flooring for Transport Implements: dump truck, carts, bodies, vans, semis, truck for grains, etc..Also indicated for Marine Industry.


• Higher durability guaranteed in the market; less fleet maintenance ;
• Low water absorption (permeability);
• To the edges waterproof, is applied painting (lacquer-nitrocellulose), which guarantees a less humidity absorption delaying the swelling and contraction phenomenon. Offers high resistance to abrasion and wastage;
• The protector film resists to the majority of chemicals substances;
• Easy cleaning, easy mounting, high quality surface, great resistance to bad weather;
• Material free of roughness and large splintery;
• Reduction on painting process time. Reduction on labour, mounting time and fixing accessories;
• Uniform and unharmed surface, protecting the cargo against damages provoked by water and dust infiltration;
• Higher inflexibility in the back of trucks; less maintenance;
• Reduction on body´s tare. Increasing cargo capacity;
• Absence of cutouts and wastes, as the pieces are provided in the exact size.


• ISO 9001:2008 (Internacional Standard Organization)
• PNQM (Programa Nacional da Qualidade da Madeira)
• CE Marking (Certificado exigido pela Comunidade Européia)
• SESI (Prêmio SESI Qualidade de Vida no Trabalho)


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