Somapar | União da Vitória – PR

The company Somapar – Paranaense Lumber Company Ltd., operating in the lumber business for over 50 years, began in 1944 with the extraction and processing of pine Araucaria, remained so for almost 40 years.
Started production of plywood panels in 1972 (and from 1983 with the demerger of the group Brothers Sawmill Reunidas Fernandes S/A), with a new factory for plywood, called Somapar – Paranaense Lumber Company Ltd., under the direction of Mrs. Nill Boni, Paulo Cavalcanti Neto, Nill Boni Boni Jr. and Julius Caesar.

In 1984 it was opened another unit for rolling and sawing, to produce raw materials for production of Somapar – initially was located in the state of Mato Grosso in the city of Juruena – which had the capacity to laminate 2500 m³ and 1000 m³ of sawn timber per month.
The Somapar extends itself once again, by opening another branch in the nearby city of General Carneiro, Paraná state. Today both are with their share of the rolling mill inactive, retaining only reforestation activities.

Future-oriented and concerned about environmental responsibility, the forest reserve is selectively and rationally exploited and their raw material is extracted from the program of reforestation and sustainable management.

Looking for self-sufficiency in raw materials, the company runs hard reforestation program through modern techniques and selected seeds, of which 100 ha / year with Pinus Taeda Eliottiis and, with the perspective that in 2010 to become self-sustaining over this raw material. Today the company has just over 140 employees on its payroll asset, and is classified as a midsize company.

Commercialize its products in domestic and foreign markets for more than 20 countries like USA, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Holland, Italy and Spain. In Brazil, has a portfolio of just over 3000 customers spread throughout the country such as manufactures of road, builders and dealers.
Its mission is to manufacture a quality product, satisfying their customers, achieving greater productivity and profits through the satisfaction of its employees.

Industry Somapar works with total system integration, which guarantees its products, the technical features of quality and finish. Betting high on its future, offering quality of life for employees and their dependents.

On Day 16 November 2009, SOMAPAR conquest ISO 9001:2008 (International Standard Organization). On August 1, 2003, Somapar was certified by PNQM (national program for wood quality) and in March / 2005 got certified CE Marking (Certificate Required by European Union), further confirming the quality of their products.