sustentabilidade-ambiental-somapar Future-oriented and concerned with the nature preservation, Somapar uses legal veneers obtained by own reforestation and/or forest management originating from its current suppliers.

All generation of CO2 that occurs from the origin of raw material to final product delivery to our customer, is captured and neutralized by its reforestation, thus ensure that the Somapar customers when purchase our products are contributing to a sustainable development and preservation of the environment.

The continuity of your business depends on the availability of raw materials.Keeping it on mind, Somapar maintains a reforestation of 1,100 hectares, which has planted over 1 million and 400 thousand trees, thus self-sustaining.
Committed to the correct destination of the scrap materials, Somapar has a selective collection of garbage.
The correct disposal of waste from the process follows the standards and legislation and in accordance with the precepts of the program 5S that the company has.

In the production process the company uses wooden scraps, sawdust and wooden chips for steam generation.
Every step of the production system that uses some liquid raw material has a closed circuit, it means, not discarded any kind of liquid waste on the process at public wastewater treatment.
Thus, the waste we generate is not discarded, but consumed by the company, showing total commitment to the preservation of the environment.


Knowing of pursuing the development of society, Somapar has several programs to strengthen the relationship between the company, employees and the community at large.

Childrens Day: this day so special for children, Somapar each year provides for the children of its employees and all children in the shelter of children and adolescents in Port Union – SAN a great party with great food, fun , Recreational activities and games.

SOMAPAR Volunteer Program: in this program, the company encourages participation of its employees to perform voluntary actions, the employee is exempt up to two days per year of its activities within the company to exercise any activity as a volunteer.

Draft environmental awareness: concerned with the education of future generations, Somapar invests in projects designed to foster a sense of environmental responsibility in children and adolescents, making speeches and distributing seedlings of native trees in their encounters with the community, and always struggling and encouraging society to play its role in environmental preservation.

Somapar open door: Knowing the importance of providing young people the opportunity to know the functioning of an organization, Somapar makes available a visit to the industrial park, so the students can learn the SOMAPAR process and its social projects.

sustentabilidade-de-negocios-somapar As we live most of our lives within organizations, the Somapar bother to encourage an organizational climate conducive to the total integration between its employees and especially the family, holding several meetings, parties and especially respecting the ideas, opinions and characteristics of each individual.

Worried about the continuity of your business and knowing that our staff is responsible for the success of the company, Somapar continually invests in the qualification and training of its staff, promoting professional and personal development of its employees by providing scholarships and other assistance to undergraduate, graduate, and MBA, in addition conducting internal training courses.

The company aims to maintain business relationships ever glimpsing the maintenance of employment, income for its employees and fostering regional development.

The constant search for technological development primarily aimed at reducing waste, increasing efficiency in their operations and productivity of their processes, combined with quality products and services, always trying to improve the employee´s working conditions.

Looking to the future management of the organization, Somapar develops a Trainee program seeking to hire students or recent graduates to train and participate in its development program for managers and supervisors, where at the end of the program, the participants can be recruited according to the current business need.